How To Care For Microlocs?

How to care for microlocs?

The newest dreadlock style, known as microlocs, is spreading around the world! For people who want to play around with their looks and explore new things, these tiny, delicate locs are ideal. You can pretty much style your hair whatever you want with microlocs!

Ready to give microlocs a try? This blog contains all the information you require, including instructions on how to care for microlocs.

What Do Microlocs Mean?


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Microlocs, also known as tiny locs or micro dreads, are dreadlocks-inspired hairstyles. They make a terrific option for people who wish to get the dreadlock to look but prefer less bulk because they are smaller and less voluminous.

Dreads often have a diameter of 10mm or more, whereas microlocs typically have a diameter of 6ā€“9mm, or around the size of a pencil. Between 300 to 1,000 loc can be found in a single microloc. However, this will obviously depend on your preferences and the thickness or density of your hair.

Traditional locks and microlocs have many similarities. Both can be fashioned by coiling, twisting, braiding, or using a device that enables the hair to be interlocked, a method that requires pulling the loc’s end through the base of the root.

Microlocs are more popular because of their smaller sizes, which provide you with more styling options. Microlocs can be cornrowed, braided, roller set, sculpted into updos, bobs, and one-length styles, colored, and chopped into layers, among other styles. They are also flexible. People who want to appear fuller or who want countless style possibilities might consider microlocs.

Benefits Of Microlocs

Ā 1: Appearance

Benefits of microlocs
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Since the Microlocs appear thin, they can be handled differently. Although many individuals adore its beauty, some people prefer thick dreads. So this is a choice if you want hair that can be styled into dreads that resemble noodles. By organizing the locs into ponytails, braids, or other hairstyles, you may instantly change the way you look.

2: Lightweight

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Microlocs are lightweight and narrow in diameter, and they grow longer without adding weight to the scalp. If you have a scalp from a participant, you can easily manage them. Additionally, you can control the number of thin dreads based on the volume and texture of your hair.

3: Easy To Maintain

Easy to maintain
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Although it takes longer to accomplish than normal locs, the interlocking of the locs is a low-maintenance hairstyle.

4: DIY Hairstyle

DIY hairstyle
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The hairdo is simple to maintain. You too may “Do It Yourself” at home and change the look of your hair. Start at home with a two-strand or comb oil. If done at home, it is economical.

5: Volume

Various Microlocs Based On Hair Type
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With the use of these Microlocs, you may give your hair more volume if it already has little volume. You may achieve large-volume hair without using extensions by adding more dreads to your hair.

Various Microlocs Based On Hair Type

Hair Microlocs 4c

Hair Microlocs 4c
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Any form of hair locs works best with 4c hair. Microlocs provide you with extra hairstyle options if you’re sick of the conventional locs! Microlocs In Fine Hair

Microlocs can also occur in people with fine hair. If you maintain and care for your locs, it won’t result in more thinning or harm.

On Relaxed Hair, Microlocs

On Relaxed Hair, Microlocs
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Microlocs can still be applied to relaxed hair, though, by braiding or interlacing. Permed or relaxed hair typically won’t hold a loc. In contrast to microlocs on natural hair, it will appear and feel different. To accomplish this, a loc extension can be used. You can also achieve this by micro-locking your natural hair while keeping the natural texture of the relaxed hair. Once your locs have grown out, you can trim or chop your relaxed hair.

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How To Care For Microlocs?

The styling options for Microlocs are virtually limitless. After the installation is complete, the next and most difficult stage is their aftercare. Waiting too long in between maintenance visits can weaken the locs and cause harm. Through their capacity to enclose fresh hair growth, locs gain strength.

Take good care of your Microlocs to keep them for a long time. Your loctician can provide you with advice if this is your first time obtaining locs. Depending on the style and form of your hair locs, a hair specialist can provide you with sound advice. To hold the microlocs, think about the following suggestions:


Cleaning and washing are important, especially in the beginning stages of locs. Water promotes the growth and maturation of locusts.

Avoid using any product that leaves a residue on your hair. Locs ruin the health of your hair by collecting oil and grime.


Oiling is an essential
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Oiling is an essential part of hair care since it moisturizes the roots, lessens dryness, and also gives your new hair the nutrients it needs to develop properly.

You can lessen frizz and dryness on your scalp by using hair loc growth oil. Additionally, it speeds up the growth of your hair. Long natural and lightweight Microlocs are extremely simple to style and won’t cause you any trouble.

Microlocs Are Tightened Again

Microlocs are tightened again
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An important occurrence that necessitates keeping the locs for a longer period of time is retightening. After a while, Micro Locs need to be retwisted. Your hair development will affect how long it takes to retwist yours locs. But it normally takes 4 to 8 weeks.


How to care for microlocs? Make sure you have the equipment you’ll need to take care of those priceless locs before you start your trip with microlocs.

Like regular locs, microlocs are a loud and proud form of personal expression.. Your dedication to the manner you’ve chosen to express yourself in a society that frequently discourages standing out is demonstrated by the way you wear your hair. But there is a heavy burden associated with this power. Microlocs require frequent upkeep and attention. Even then, it will take them almost a year to attain their full potential. Having this much style cannot be simple. Don’t let that depress you though. Instead, you should be proud of your ability to maintain your style.

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