Women’s Health Osteopath Moorgate Ec2 For Postnatal And Pregnancy

Women's Health Osteopath in Moorgate EC2 for Postnatal and Pregnancy

At Moorgate EC2, our French osteopath offers prenatal care and postpartum care to women. She specializes in osteopathy for pregnant mothers and infants.

Our perinatal & women’s health osteopaths Moorgate are highly trained and specialists with offices in London (baby-mother). Since earning their degrees, they have developed a wealth of expertise taking care of new moms and accompanying expectant and postpartum women.

Our osteopathic doctors employ precise and suitable techniques to relieve pregnancy-related and postpartum problems.

Osteopathic Care For Postpartum And Pregnancy For Women In Moorgate, Ec2

Osteopathic care for postpartum and pregnancy for women in Moorgate, EC2
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Our osteopaths treat a variety of conditions, including pelvic pain, pregnancy discomfort (including back and pelvic girdle pain and breathing problems), wrist and hand pain from delivering your baby, and pain from epidurals.

If necessary, our osteopaths can offer advice on how to carry your infant to prevent back pain and how to nurse.

Osteopathic treatments are also beneficial for infants. Our osteopathic physicians care for and assist infants with orthopedic, neurological, and digestive issues as well as reflux, constipation, and digestive difficulties.

Our osteopaths are fluent in both French and English. As a result, they will be able to respond to any queries you may have. Please be aware that infants can be seen at home or at the Belgravia Centre.

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Treatments For Postnatal & Prenatal Osteopathy In London At Home And In Moorgate Ec2

Treatments for Postnatal & Prenatal Osteopathy in London at Home and in Moorgate EC2
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At the Moorgate Light Centre in EC2, our clinic provides osteopathy services for expectant mothers and those recovering from childbirth. In the heart of London, women’s health osteopath Moorgate, Monument, and Liverpool Street are the closest tube stops.

Because it may be difficult to visit the office while expecting or after giving birth, we provide home visitations from Monday through Saturday and, when possible, on Sundays. So, all of central London can receive home visits from our osteopaths.


Women’s health is an area where osteopathy can offer significant benefits. Whether you are experiencing pregnancy-related back pain, menstrual pain, menopause symptoms, or the side effects of breast cancer treatment, osteopathy can help to restore balance and promote optimal health and wellbeing.


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