Is Creatine A Shit-Maker?

Is Creatine A Shit-Maker?

If you’ve recently started using creatine supplements, you might be asking yourself, “Does creatine make you shit?” while sitting on the toilet.

This popular fitness industry supplement is frequently promoted as a simple, efficient approach to improve athletic performance, but some people also develop GI pain, which keeps some people from using the loo.

Does Creatine Make You Shit?

Despite anecdotal reports to the contrary, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that creatine causes constipation.

This naturally occurring substance, which is excellent for athletes, improves the performance of your muscle cells, but there is no proof that taking it in regular doses would upset your gastrointestinal system.

This isn’t a general response, though, as this natural chemical might react to other foods in your diet, other supplements, or just a person’s response.

Another study demonstrates that having a dose of at least 10 gram in a single serving significantly increases the likelihood of experiencing diarrhea.

To divide your dosage into two 5 gram doses would be a straightforward solution in this situation.

If you notice that creatine is having an adverse effect on your body or you are suffering diarrhea after using this supplement, we advise:

Dividing the dose initially

Afterward, adjust your body to the supplement over a period of time.

Then, as opposed to ordinary monohydrate, you might try a more soluble micronized creatine.

Adding more water or other liquid to your mixture is one method you can attempt to help your creatine dissolve more easily before intake.

Can Taking Creatine Supplements Cause Diarrhea?

As we just mentioned above, taking creatine may occasionally cause diarrhea; conversely, it may also cause constipation.

Using creatine during the loading phase might cause diarrhea or loose stools, as can overdose.

According to one of the studies we previously cited, taking more creatine than 10 grams at once may raise the likelihood that you’ll get diarrhea.

If you continue to experience diarrhea after the loading phase, it’s possible that your creatine supplements are interfering with another food, drug, or supplement you’re taking.

Give your body a few more days to acclimatize before possibly attempting a micronized type of creatine. If this persists, it could be worthwhile to consult a physician.

The experience of taking creatine has been described as “basically pi$$ing” from the rear end by some users.

Although this is an exceptional case, diarrhea can typically be avoided when taking creatine.

Is Creatine A Constipation Causer?

Another alleged side effect of creatine use is constipation, although while it may be anecdotally true that taking creatine supplements might cause constipation, we couldn’t locate any proof of this.

According to one idea, taking creatine makes your muscles hold more water rather than letting it flow through your stools.

It doesn’t appear plausible that this is the mechanism causing constipation, however, as one thorough investigation found that taking creatine supplements increased total body water WITHOUT changing fluid distribution.

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How To Deal With Creatine Shits?

The following are the top three suggestions to keep in mind if you are experiencing “creatine shits”:

  1. Reduce Your Creatine Dosage

The best strategy must be this. Higher creatine doses appear to be a recurring feature among people who experience “creatine shits.”

Check your daily creatine intake to see what you are actually consuming. If it exceeds the daily limit of 10g, try to lower it.

Numerous researches have demonstrated that taking 3-5g of creatine every day will have the desired effects.

You can also try dividing your dose into two equal serves to spread out throughout the day if you are taking creatine at a level that is close to the suggested amount but still feeling some stomach discomfort.

  1. Adjust The Creatine Mixing Method

It’s likely that combining creatine with a pre-workout supplement is to blame for frequent trips to the loo to poop.

Pre-workouts include a lot of caffeine and other substances, which can cause unexpected gastrointestinal reactions. You might discover that your body reacts by giving you “the shits” right away if you combine this with the addition of creatine, particularly at a high dose.

You may be confused about how these two are related because you’ve been using pre-workout for a long time and haven’t experienced any strange bowel movements.

While your body may have grown accustomed to consuming pre-workout and not responding with an intense bowel movement, adding something new to your mixture may trigger that kind of reaction. This is because our bodies are intelligent and adaptable.

Therefore, you have two options: wait for your body to adjust, or alter the other ingredients you’re mixing it with.

  1. Get Help From A Specialist

You shouldn’t have severe or persistent diarrhea or gastrointestinal distress. This can hinder your capacity to acquire weight and deprive your body of essential nutrients, leaving you feeling ill.

If you’ve tried adjusting your dosages and mixing methods for creatine, consider speaking with a qualified dietitian who can assess your unique situation and offer advice that is particular to your requirements.


While some people report experiencing stomach pain from this pill and it can help athletes perform better, it’s unlikely to cause you to urinate more.

If you’re passing more waste after using creatine supplements, there may be another problem at play.

Any creatine supplement, whether monohydrate or buffered, used properly should promote muscle building and assist you in reaching your fitness objectives without causing any negative side effects.

Follow the recommended dosage; avoid having any negative effects on your GI tract, and take creatine regularly to see your muscles grow.

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