How To Treat Shoulder Pain From Lat Pulldowns And Its Cause

How to treat shoulder pain from lat pulldowns and its cause

A common upper-body exercise that targets the latissimus dorsi muscles is the lat pulldown, however using poor technique or straining the shoulder can lead to pain or injury.

This article will examine typical causes of lat pull down shoulder pain and offer helpful advice to guarantee a safer and more pleasurable workout.

Why Do Lat Pulldowns Cause Shoulder Pain?

When performing lat pulldowns, adopting the wrong technique and too much weight frequently results in shoulder soreness.

Your shoulders are put in an unnatural position when you use a bad technique. This can exacerbate your shoulder joints and lead to aching shoulders, especially when accompanied with a heavy load.

You can avoid shoulder pain from this exercise by employing the proper technique and a weight that is appropriate for your current level of fitness.

How To Prevent Lat Pull Down Shoulder Pain?

The following advice can help you keep your shoulders from hurting when performing lat pulldowns:

Switch Your Grip

When performing lat pulldowns, I frequently observe people employing a wide grip, yet doing so might place additional strain on the shoulder joints.

You may still work your lats adequately while putting less stress on your shoulders by narrowing your grasp by a few inches.

Using an underhand grip in place of an overhand grip might also be beneficial.

While your biceps are the main focus of this exercise, your latissimus dorsi is still engaged, and your shoulders are kept in a more natural position.

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Elbows Tucked In

Another technical mistake many do when performing this exercise is pulling their elbows closer to their body and flaring them out to the side.

However, doing so puts a lot of pressure on your shoulder joints and rotator cuff.

Instead, during the concentric portion of the lift, you should vertically lower your elbows until they touch your ribs.

This will lessen any extra tension on your shoulders and rotator cuff and will assist in more fully activating your lats.

Maintain A Neutral Spine

When performing lat pulldowns, a lot of individual’s lean back, but this is bad form. Not only does it lessen the exercise’s efficiency, but it can also put your shoulders and spine in an uncomfortable posture, which in some situations can lead to injury and discomfort.

Throughout the entire exercise, your spine should remain upright and straight. By keeping your spine neutral, the proper muscles will be engaged and your shoulders will be in a more natural position, which will lessen shoulder pain and help you stay injury-free.

Ask a gym companion to observe you perform a few reps if you’re unsure of your spinal tilt; they’ll be able to give you advice on if you need to adjust your posture.

In Front Of Your Head, Pull The Bar Down

Never perform behind-the-head lat pulldowns if you are prone to shoulder soreness or if your shoulders are immobile.

This can aggravate your neck in addition to putting additional strain on your shoulder joint and rotator cuffs.

As an alternative, concentrate on lowering the weight in front of your face to keep your neck and spine straight and your shoulders pulling in a vertical plane.

Although it might appear inconsequential, it has a substantial impact on the exercise’s safety and effectiveness.

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Use A Reasonable Weight

Using too much weight during any activity is one of the most frequent reasons of bad technique.

During the eccentric portion of the lat pulldown, your shoulders are forcefully pulled away from you if you are lifting too much weight, forcing you to lean back so that other back muscles may assist.

Both of these things can result in excruciating shoulder ache. The exercise is made safer and more effective by lowering the weight by 25% and doing each lift with excellent form.

Hold Your Arms Vertically

When bringing the bar down, your forearms should be straight and parallel to your neck and spine.

Shoulder joint rotation will be caused by any forearm tilt, whether it is towards or away from your body.

You must avoid doing anything that puts a substantial weight on your shoulders while they are rotating because doing so increases the likelihood of injury.

Bring Your Scapula Back

Whether you’re performing pull-ups or lat pulldowns, the secret to any effective lat exercise is to pull back your shoulder blades towards the end of the concentric portion of the movement.

In addition to strengthening your lats, this also relieves tension on your shoulders.

The goal of lowering the lat pulldown bar vertically is to pinch your scapula as though it owed you money.

Then, during the eccentric portion of the lift, your scapula should stay retracted as you return your arms to the starting position.

Instead of allowing the weight pull your arms up, carefully bring the bar back to the top of the exercise.

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In conclusion, lat pull down shoulder pain:

When you perform the exercise incorrectly and with too much weight, lat pulldowns can hurt your shoulders.

You won’t likely experience sore shoulders if you perform lat pulldowns correctly with a suitable weight.

If you have a shoulder impingement, you should wait until it has healed completely before performing any exercise that could endanger your health. That’s everything for the lat pulldown; maybe this was helpful!

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